The specialist for second hand
Krauss Maffei Injection moulding machines


Reza Zadeh Kunststoff- und Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Reza Zadeh is Europe’s specialist for second-hand Krauss Maffei injection moulding machines and robots. For more than 10 years Reza Zadeh has been specialising in overhauling and upgrading injection moulding machines produced by the market leader Krauss Maffei. In our new warehouse in Eschweiler near cologne we have permanently machines available in different sizes which we can show in dry cycle.

KraussMaffei is one of the market leaders in large injection moulding machine technology. The Krauss Maffei KM 2000 – 32000 MX series is the successful further development of the MC series, which has a proven track record in thousands of installations. The Krauss Maffei KM 2000 – 17200 MX series is available with clamp forces from 800 to 4000 tonnes. The MX series is engineered to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions. Even high-tonnage MX injection moulding machines are very compact. The technical features of the Krauss Maffei KM 2300 – 3200 MX series include the two-platen technology developed by KraussMaffei, a high-performance plasticizing unit with very high quality screws and high-precision injection units, with an optimized drive concept. Machine operation is controlled by the MC5 microprocessor control system. At the heart of the MX series is the two-platen clamp unit. The mould is equipped with an ultrasonic position sensor system. Extremely short dry running times are ensured by simultaneous locking and unlocking of all four tiebars. In this class, the Krauss-Maffei MX injection molding machine is the fastest machine on the market. Like the CX series from Krauss-Maffei, the MX injection moulders KraussMaffei series offers the right injection unit and optimum screw model for any production task. The MX series of KraussMaffei Technologies in Munich features a precise, flexible and modular hydraulic system. This type of injection moulding machines of Krauss-Maffei was the MC series with MC 4 microprocessor control system. In addition to the variable-speed pump drive, MX injection moulding machines have a separate control valve close to the consumer for the injection and plasticizing processes. All MX injection moulding machines of Krauss Maffei machines are equipped with the MC5 microprocessor control. The MC5 is powerful and operator-friendly, with a straightforward, clearly presented display of all the essential information. KraussMaffei’s two-platen clamp unit is compact and rigid with maximum platen parallelism. It protects your moulds, maximizing their service life and increasing productivity, by maximizing the yield of good parts and part quality. The MC series is the fastest machine of its kind on the market. It sets new standards in cycle times for increased productivity. Thanks to the modular machine concept, MX injection moulding machines Krauss-Maffei can be configured as application-specific manufacturing solutions. The MC5 microprocessor control ensures easy and reliable machine operation. KraussMaffei Technology will integrate any automation solution to suit manufacturing requirements. Automation engineering is one of our great strengths and we already have an impressive list of reference projects. KraussMaffei developed the C3 especially for thin-walled packaging. It differs from the C series on several counts, but operates according to the same basic principles. In contrast to the C injection moulding machine, the plasticizing unit of the C3 injection moulding machine is electrically operated as a standard feature. This allows plasticizing to take place simultaneously with the movement of the injection unit, clamp unit and ejector. The C3 features an additional bladder accumulator to boost injection performance up to 800 mm/s (optional). Injection Moulding Machinery is the largest of KraussMaffei’s business units. The company offers four injection moulding machine ranges, the C, C1, C2, C2+, CX, M, MC, MX, AX and EX, which cover not only standard applications, but also the whole bandwidth of process variants and special processes. Big machines (the MX series) are one area in which the company excels. Another core competence is solutions for the automotive industry. Other areas where KraussMaffei has intensive expertise are packaging, electrical/electronics and medical technology applications. In recent years, the business unit has expanded its specialized knowledge base in robotic systems and automation The company is rapidly strengthening its position as a partner with the resources and know-how to supply complete manufacturing cells. Reza Zadeh GmbH & Co. KG in Eschweiler is engaged in the market for used plastic processing machines second hand injection moulding machinery especially second hand Krauss Maffei injection moulding machines and complete production lines. Our speciality is the purchase and sale of used injection molding machines Krauss Maffei , all sizes, and periphery for such machines. Our service includes consulting, proposition and supply of second hand injection moulding KraussMaffei machines as well as installation and start-up of second hand Krauss Maffei injection moulding machinery. Reza Zadeh GmbH & co. KG is specialised in Krauss-Maffei brand and is able to deliver new and second hand spare parts for new, used and second hand Krauss Maffei injection moulders. The KM 80 – 100 EX series from KraussMaffei is a new all-electric injection moulding machine concept. Injection moulding Machines from this series are clean, fast, highly precise and economical. The EX series from Krauss Maffei is available in clamping forces of 500 to 2400 kN. For the EX series, KraussMaffei concentrated on two things. For the plasticising and injection unit, KraussMaffei has opted for a direct drive with high-torque motors. Each axis in the EX series has its own electric drive. All EX drives are water-cooled. All EX machines from KraussMaffei are equipped with the MC5 microprocessor control system. User friendliness and simple handling are key features of the MC5. Clear, easily understood on-screen visualization prevents input errors. The Krauss Maffei KM 80 – 380 EX is a very clean injection machine that is simple to maintain and ideal for cleanroom production. EX injection molding machines can be readily upgraded to automated production cells. The MC5 microprocessor control ensures easy and reliable machine operation. The EX injection machines from Krauss-Maffei can be readily used anywhere in the world because it is compatible with all power networks.